Traditional Niigata Food

“Sasa Dango” is the most popular sweets in Niigata and SADO.

It’s green mochi which is produced by mixing mugwort into glutinous rice and pounding the mixture, and wrapped with bamboo leaves called “sasa”.


When we eat it, we unwrap the leaves as if to peel off Banana’s skin.

You can enjoy the fresh smell of its leaves and mugwort.

It’s written on the local book that people used to have it with them when they go somewhere as preservative and portable foods because mugwort has the effect of killing bacteria.

People keep it for praying for the safety of the family and eat it on May 5th in Niigata.


In SADO, you can have it at “Shimaya”, Japanese Sweets Shop, which was established in 1808.

The king of sticky rice called “Kogane Mochi” and SADO mugwort are used for them.

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