Traditional local sweets/food

“Shinko-moch” or “Oshinko” is one of the traditional local sweets in SADO Island.

People call it in different names in each area like Shinko-mochi, Shinko, Oshinko, Kataokoshi, okoshi, Okoshigata etc.

My family who live in Kaifu area call it “Shinko”.

The sweets are made of rice flour and are offered to Hina-matsuri dolls for the Girls’ Festival on March 3rd.

To make it sticky and tasty, we knead it well by hands.

After kneading it, we color it, make a shapes with wooden molds and steam it for 30 mins.

Wooden mold
Put wet cloth in the wooden mold.
Put dough in it.
Put camellia leaf on it.
Flip it over.

Some family put sugar or sweet bean in it, but we don’t put anything in it and enjoy the natural taste and flavor.

They are colorful and I feet that spring has come when I see it.