The biggest Jizo in Japan

If you go to south area in SADO, you might go to see the biggest Jizo, stone statue of a guardian deity of children, in Japan.

It’s established on top of a hill, and commands a full view of the Shukunegi area.

It’s 17.5 meters high, and called “A Guardian deity of children for happiness” and it’s the largest in Japan.

When I stayed at Hananoki, where I met the Deities of Good Luck, this statue was the first thing I saw next morning after seeing the God.

A man, who is from this area and heaps up riches, built this for his mother’s 90 year-old birthday.

They said that he won big in the lottery after he had built it too.

Personally speaking, a miracle happened to me.

I have had inflammation of the lining of the uterus and a cystic tumor of the ovary ore than 7 years, and the doc says that it’s difficult for me to get pregnant in this condition.

However, just after meeting the Deities of Good Luck and the Jizo, I found I got pregnant!

Also, just after 1 year since then, I came across the Jizo by chance when I was lost in south area.

Just looking at it makes us happy and relax.

Shiawase Jozo
– Address: 56-2, Shukunegi, Sado city, Niigata, 952-0952
– Parking: Available
– The closest bus stop: 2min walk from “Shukunegi-shinden” on No.11