The Best Sushi restaurant “Cho-zaburou”

If you are looking for the best sushi restaurant in Sado Island, “Cho-zaburou” is the one.

Freshly caught fish are used for all sushi, and you can enjoy good-old Ramen too.

They used to run a Ramen place and still put it on their menu.

The Best Japanese Ramen Restaurants in Sado Island

The restaurant is located in the middle of the island and just 5mins walk from the closest bus station.

After passing through a restaurant currain, friendly staffs welcome us with smiles.

An owner shows you what they have today, and you can enjoy the waiting time listening to his explanation of the features of seasonal ingredients and cooking method.

Fish above are Japanese halfbeaks and they are very fresh. And the fish under them are Fugu, puffer fish, which is known as high-quality fish and very expensive in Japan. I’ve never seen such HUGE puffer fish in my whole life!

Look at this huge matsutake mushrooms! I’ve never seen such a big matsutake mushrooms in my life.

He told us that only fresh matsutake mushrooms are white like this and have strong flavor.

We had had some storm until the day before we went there, so couldn’t expect so much seafood, but still they provided us enough.

You can taste “Awabi (abalone)”, which is known as an expensive ingredient characterized by a firm, almost crunchy texture and its liver as Sashimi here too.

Sado island is surrounded by the Sea of Japan and famous for fresh seafoods.

Also, we have fresh-water fish such as salmon and its roe.

I ordered the cheapest sushi set about 1,000yen tax included. It would cost around 2,000yen tax included if you had the same lunch in Tokyo.

All seafoods are as fresh as it gets and melt in your mouth suddenly.

Chirashi- sushi, Scattered sushi, with a variety of seafoods.

Katsudon of Buri (adult yellowtail) with sweet soy-sauce is tasty too.

If you want to have various foods, you might try Ramen + Sashimi set.

I went there with my friend who lives in Tokyo, and she said, “It would cost more than 3,000yen  in Tokyo if we look for the same quality.”

I’m sure this sushi & Japanese restaurant will fill your heart and stomach. 🙂

Address:81-4, Niibo, Sado-city, 952-0116
Payment:Credit Crad available(VISA, MASTER, JCB)
Closed:Sun of first, 3rd and 5th every month, Mon of 2nd and 4th every month
Seats:70, some private rooms
Access from the closest bus stop:5mins from Niibo on Minami line
Parking:10 cars available