The Best Japanese Ramen Restaurants in Sado Island

There are lots of delicious foods in Sado Island, and Ramen is not exception.
Especially, these 3 Ramen restaurants are great and you cannot miss it.

Daimaru Ramen

It’s located in the center of the island.

You can enjoy healthy Ramen such as Additive-free ramen with a glass of Ionized water there.

The Japanese handicrafts made by the owner are displayed inside of the restaurant, and the atmosphere is Kawaii.

They have a variety of Ramens including this Sesame Ramen.

It has a rich taste and mild flavor spreads spreads in the mouth.

The restaurant is crowded at lunch time, so if you go there after 1:00P.M., you might be able to have their Ramen without waiting.

Daimaru Ramen
Address :1227-5, Higashi-Oodori, Sado city
Open : Mon – Sun, 10:00A.M.-3:00P.M.
TEL : 0259-52-3844


This is a good place for Ramen and *Gyoza lovers!

* Gyoza is a dumpling with minced pork and vegetable stuffing.

They have simple Ramen with Shoyu & Miso Ramen and Gyoza filled with plenty of vegetables.

Having this juicy Gyoza will be one of your unfrorgettable experiences in the island.

Address : 1202-3, Yahata, Sado city
Closed : Wed
TEL : 0259-57-2228


If you want to enjoy traditional Ramen, this is the best place.

The soup made of Shoyu(soy sauce) is pretty simple and tasty.

This place is famous for Sushi, so you might want to try Ramen + Sushi Lunch Set.

The Best Sushi restaurant “Cho-zaburou”

Address : 81-4, Niibo, Sado city
Open : Mon-Sun, 11:00A.M.-9:30P.M.
TEL : 0259-22-2125