The best coffee and healthy smoothie in Sawata

If you are coffee lover or love healthy smoothie, “Coffee&Tea22” would be a good place.

This is a cafe kepy by a health-minded owner of Honda Cars SADO.

He also manages SHIMAFUMI in the south area on the island.

Lunch at a cafe & restaurant overlooking the ocean

I ordered Orange, Strawberry and Banana smoothie and SADO buttered toast.

They are simple but so fresh and I could feel it!

You can also buy some bread and cakes to go at the counter.

The atmosphere is nice, and bird singing from the other room will make you relax.

There is a variety store next to the cafe and you can find some souvenirs there, too.

They also have a kids’ play area, so would be nice for family gourps.

– Address: 821-1,Higashi Odori, SADO city, Niigata
– TEL:050-3565-6159
– Open:10A.M.-6:30P.M.(L.O. 6P.M.) Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun
– Closed: Wed
– Free Wifi: Available
– Parking area: Available
– The closest Bus Stop: 4mins walk from Higashi Odori station on #1 Bus Line
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