Tasty bread at Aoki Oyatsu

“Aoki Oyatsuya” is one of bakeries which provide good bread.

It’s just 5min from “Fruit Cafe Saito” by car, so you can visit here on your way there or “TOKI Forest Park”.

You will see a little notice on upper left of the building.

They sell bread and some goods such as clothes and handmade accessories, too.

We went there around 3:40P.M., and almost all bread had been sold.

Simple buns made of SADO rice flour with SADO milk and salt.

The texture is chewy and the sweetness of the bread spreads in the mouth.

This is bread of cheese, bacon and turnip.

The combination of SADO flour, local smoked bacon and loasted raddish is great.

The roasted raddish is very fresh and juicy.

If you want to have something munch on your way to “TOKI Forest Park”, you can visit here.

Aoki Oyatsu Shop
Address: 1122-3, Aoki, Niibo, Sado city, 952-0102
Open: 10A.M. – 4P.M. on Sat & Sun
Closed: Mon – Fri