Take a boat tour around the scenic Senkaku Bay to see sheer rocky cliffs

Prepare yourself for dramatically rugged scenery.

Senkaku Bay along the west coast is shaped into beautiful forms by rough waves of the Sea of Japan.

The cliffs reaching 20 meters, gigantic stones and odd rocks are lines more than 3 kilometers.

You can enjoy its stunning coastline at Ageshima Park in northwest on the island.

Daylilies with orange flowers and azalea grow between rocks from May to June, and it has the best scenic view on the island.

The water is very clear and you can see fish under the water even from the top of a cliff!

If you want to go ride a glass bottom boat, you can go down and pass through the cave.

For 15mins, the bottom boat gets you up close to the high and steep cliffs.

Friendly black-tailed gulls come very close to you riding the wind.

There are a little playground, aquarium(ground floor) and historical museum(2nd floor) in the Ageshima Park, so it’s fun for families too. 🙂

Address: 1561, Kitaebisu, Sado-city, Niigata, 952-2135
TEL: 0259-75-2311
Open: 8:30A.M.-5:00P.M./From Mar to Apr
8:00A.M.-5:30P.M./From May to Oct
8:30A.M.-4:30P.M./From Dec to Feb

Entrance Fee: 550yen/Adult, 280yen/Child, tax included
*Handicapped:280yen/Adult, 140yen/Child, tax included

Entrance Fee + Boarding fee for 15mins: 1100yen/Adult, 550yen/Child, tax included

You can get a discount coupon(in Japanese) at the Ageshima Official website.

If you print out and bring it with you, the fee will be as below:
Entrance Fee: 500yen/Adult, 250yen/Child, tax included *Available up to 5 people
Entrance Fee + Boarding fee for 15mins: 900yen/Adult, 450yen/Child, tax included *Available up to 5 people