Taiko centre & Earth festival

Sado Island is famous for the base of KODO, who is Japanese drummers group.

At taiko centre in Ogi area, you can learn and enjoy drum with some of the members.

The official name of the place is “Sado Island Taiko Centre (Tatakokan)”.

You can learn many ways of beating drum and challenge some games with drum.

It’s easy even for beginners and everyone from children to elderly people can enjoy it.

Which course do you want to take?

Mainly there are 3 courses as below:

Indivisual Course for 60min

You can join alone or enjoy with your family or friends.

Time:3 times/day on weekend and holiday ①10:00A.M.- ②1:30P.M.- ③3:00P.M.-
*Please send them a message if you want to do it on weekend. It’s negotiable.

Fee:2,000yen/Adult, 1,000yen/Child, tax included *Preschool children are free of charge
Capacity:Up to 25people
*Please make a reservation at least 2 days before the experience.
*There is a case you will experience it with other groups.

Group Course for 90min

Condition:Older than 7 years old
Fee:Up to 40 people 2,100yen/person, More than 41 people 1,800yen/person, tax included
Capacity:From 10 to 80 people

School Trip Course

Fee:2,100yen/person More than 35 people 1,800yen, tax included
Capacity:From 10 to 80 people

They have drums made of 600 years old zelkova tree, and you can beat it there!

It will be good as one day trip experience too.

Sado Island Taiko Centre (Tatakokan)
Address: 150, Kaneta-Shinden, Ogi, Sado, 952-0611
Tel. 0259-86-2320
Fax. 0259-86-2385
Open: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun:9:00A.M.-5:00P.M.
Closed:Mon *Tue in case of holiday
*Barrier-free facility, toilet for physically handicapped, WIFI
Email: info@sadotaiken.jp
Official website

Taiko festival event “Earth celebration”

If you are Taiko lover, you cannnot miss a drum music festival called “Earth celebration”.

Earth Celebration (EC) is an international arts & culture festival set in the rich natural splendour of Sado Island.

Artists, locals, and festivalgoers alike come together to seek new global culture through collaboration and exchange.

You can feel the drumming beat through your body, and you can enjoy a sense of unity with the professional taiko drummers there.

For more information, please check below:

Earth Celebration FB

On KODO website

History of drum in Sado Island

In all seasons, Matsuri, local festival, will be held in Sado Island.

At these festivals, deity mask dance are performed.

It has about 500 years of history, and it’s said that the deity mask dance was influenced by Noh, Japanese classic stage drama.

There are 120 deity mask dance groups in the island, and local people believe that it exorcises evil spirits from them by putting the spirits into the drum.

Also, he prays for a good rice harvest and rush of business for the local people too.