Sushi Restaurant around port

If you feel like having Sushi around the Ryotsu Port in SADO Island, “Ishihara Sushi” would be a good place.

It’s just 15min by walk from Ryotsu Port.

The restaurant looks pretty new, and don’t miss this notice.

There are 3 tables and chairs on your right side, and counter on your left.

On the menu, you can see “Nigiri sushi” which is hand-formed sushi with a topping of seafood,”Chirashi Sushi” which is sushi rice in a box or bowl with a variety of ingredients sprinkled on top and “Makizushi/Sushi rolls” which is sushi made rolled in nori seaweed with a core of filling.

I ordered “Chirashi Sushi” of 1500yen tax included this time and it’s served in 5mins after ordering it.

10 different kinds of seafoods were on top of it, and it’s a feast for the eyes, too. 😉

All of them were very fresh and so good.

The miso soup with local sea weed came with it, and it’s tasty,too.

It’s impossible to have such a fresh and tasty Sushi with this price in Tokyo.

Now that you’ve come here you may as well enjoy it here!

Ishihara Sushi

– Address: 184, Ebisu, Ryotsu, Sado city, Niigata, 952-0011
– TEL: 259-27-2658
– Open: Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat and Sun
– Time: 11A.M.-2P.M., 5P.M.-11P.M.
– Closed: Tue
– Payment: Cash only
– Seats: 40