Sunset sights in mother nature

SADO has some great sunset sights. Especially, the view of sunset north of the island is awesome.

Here is 4 spots I recommend:

Tassha Beach in Aikawa

Recommended beach in SADO Island

healing bath in sado

Secret healing bath of legendary pure natural water in Sado

You can enjoy the beautiful glow of the sunset here.

This area is designated as one of 100 Most Beautiful Sunset shights in Japan.

Not so many people come to this place in the evening, so you would feel you were in your private beach to enjoy a sunset.

Buddhist ceremony in which paper lanterns are floated on the sea

Sea kayaking in Senkaku Bay

Especially, the gorgeous sunset in summer will refresh you and the fiery sunset in autumn will inspire you.

The colors in these pictures are all natural without being edited.

Just picturesque!


If you want to enjoy the setting sun from a high place, you can come to Hotel FAMILIO, SADO AILAWA.

Sunflower Field in Aikawa

It’s romantic to watch the pinky and purplish sun setting into the Japan Sea from the open sky.

This would be a good photo spot for instagram, too.

Around Ageshima Park


Sunset at field in Sado island, Japan #japan #trip #visit #island #countryside

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You can enjoy rice field, sunset and the Japan Sea all together here.

If you come here at the end of Apr or at the beggining of May, rice-planting reason, you can see the sunset reflecting on water in the field.

Is’nt that cool that you can see both of the sunset into the sea and water in field at the same time?

Sunflower field against the Senkaku Bay

Take a boat tour around the scenic Senkaku Bay to see sheer rocky cliffs

The picture looks like Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.

Between Aikawa and Ogawa, around Lion Rock

This is the spot where you can see the sunset with unique rocks in Senkaku Bay.

The gold color of the sunset and black of the rock’s shadow would make you feel as if you were on other planet.