SUMO game festival on the sea

The SUMO game festival on the sea is one of the unique and interesting festivals in SADO Island.

One day in Akadomari to enjoy nature and culture

It’s held in Akadomari area, and everyone older than 7 years old can participate in it.

A Shinto priest prays for the safety before the game same as the official SUMO game in Tokyo.

He also put Sake on the stage to purify and pray for safety, too.

So much fun because people compete slipping and falling into the sea.

You can participate in it on the event day, too.

The handmade cardboard boat race is also held, so you can watch it.

In the afternoon, local people show their local dance singing.

At the end, about 200 fireworks lights up the summer night sky.

Akadomari Festival
– Date: Aug 3 and 4
– Time: :Aug 3rd, from evening, Fireworks start from 8:30P.M.
      Aug 4th, 9:30A.M.
– Location:
2456, Akadomari, Sado City, Niigata-ken, 952-0711
– Participate fee: Free
– Parking: Free, 150 cars
– Contact: 0259-87-2200 (Japanese Only)

Deep fried snacks made of torreya-nuts