Shrine for travellers’ safety

It’s said there are more than 280 temples and shrines in SADO Island, and “Watatsu Shrine” is the good one for travellers.

It’s known as a shrine for travellers’ safety.

When you come close to it, you will see first red torii, which is the entrance to a sacred space across the Hamo River.

And after going through it, you can see second torii.

There is a Chozusha, which is a place for cleaning hands and rinsing mouth before seeing God on your left side.

The shrine surrounded by big trees and getting sunlight filtering down through the trees is so beautiful.

You would feel so good and feel refreshed to walk there.

Historically speaking, the name of this shrine was written on a famous document edited in 927.

In 1470, the ancient writings were swept away by flood, so no one knows when it had been established.

And the Honden (main shrine building) was established in 1709 here, and Worship Hall (haiden) in 1937.

It was described that the God has spread Afforestation, which is to plant trees newly, in the “Nihonshoki”(Chronicles of Japan)”.

He is good at ship-building and navigational skill, and worshiped being called “Watatsu Shrine”, which means a shrine to cross the sea.

Now people also come here to pray for safe land trip, too.

While you are in SADO Island, why don’t you come here to pray for safe trip for you?

Watatsu Shrine
  • Address : 550-4, Ioka, Hamochi, SADO City, Niigata, 952-0503
  • TEL : 0259-88-2030
  • Parking : Available
  • The closest bus stop: 1min walk from “Ichinomiya Mae” on #8

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