Experience the woodcut at the museum

If you want to experience the art in Sado Island, you can come to this woodcut museum in northern town, Aikawa.

This area flourished in Gold Mine from the 17th to 19th century, and a branch of court was established in the 19th century too.

The function was passed to the new one, but the building still remains.

Mr.Takahashi who was a woodblock artist and high school teacher, taught people in a hill village woodcut print. 

He also collected woodcut arts and about 300 arts are displayed here.

You can enjoy not only woodcut but also a copperplate print and silk screen.

And you can experience woodcut at a fee.

There are samples, so you can use them.

Of course, you can make your original one too.

It would be a good memory for you and also becomes a nice souvenir.

Sado Hangamura Art Museum
Address:38-2, Aikawa Komeyamachi, Sado, Niigata, 952-1533
Closed:Dec – Feb
Payment:Cash only
Admission fee:400yen/Adult, 200yen/Child, tax included
Woodcut experience:Reservation required
Parking:8 cars

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