SADO soft ice cream

SADO is well known for delicious rice and fresh seafoods, and milk product is good, too.

Especially, products of SADO Farm is rich and tasty.

Their products such as cheese and butter are chosen by chefs and used at some French restaurants in Tokyo.

In SADO, you can try their soft ice cream at “Milk Pot”.

This is a direct sale place of SADO Farm, and you can taste ice cream made of fresh raw milk delivered from their farm every morning.

You can buy cheese and butter there, and bring back as souvenir, too.

I went there with my daughter the other day, and it’s so good and she finished half of it right away.

It has rich flavor and spreads in the mouth.

If you are in SADO Island, why don’t you stop by this shop, too?

Milk Pot
Address: 122-1, Nakaoki, Sado city, 952-1211
TEL: 0259-63-3151
Open: 10A.M.-4P.M.
Close: New Year
Parking: 10 cars