Sacred Meotoiwa and Cat Rock

According to the “Kojiki” which is the oldest documents in Japan and Japanese myth, Izanagi and Izanami, who are 2 of the Gods, have given a birth to numerous gods and various islands.

And it’s said that SADO is their 7th child.

They created Meotoiwa, which means “A Couple Rock”, as their other half on the earth to rest after giving a birth, and other islands were born from this couple rock.

The name of this area is “Takose”, and it means “high” and “shallows”, and it’s said that this is the shallows connecting to where th God lives.

So this place is sacret and we can see the God’s other half here!

This place is also famous for a god of match-making because these 2 rocks look like a loving couple.

There is another interesting myth, Izanagi and Izanami had put a cat to keep watch around these 2 rocks, but the cat yawned without thinking.

Then the God got angry, and changed it to the rock.

And you can see the Cat Rock around the Couple Rock there.

Is he the one who yawned?

This is the scenery in the evening. The rocks and sky reflected on the surface of the water is very beautiful.