Ryokan to meet Deities of Good Luck

If you are interested in the places with spiritual energy, Ryokan “Hananoki” would be a good place.

“Hananoki” is a ryokan on the heights in Ogi area.

The owner is very kind and nice, and meals used local products and vegetables are fresh and tasty.

When I stayed over there with my coworker and press couple from abroad, I didn’t know that it’s the special place related with Deities of Good Luck.

It’s kind a lodging, so me, my coworker and the couple stayed in different buildings.

I got into a Japanese style mattress around 10P.M. and fell asleep.

Then suddenly I heard a big sound as someone turning pages of a book in a room.

There was nothing around the building, and obviously the sound came from inside of my room.

I was tired and sleepy, so I tried ignoring it and going back to sleep.

However, again I heard the same sound around me this time.

“What?! No way..”

I realized that it sounded like what I had heard when I had visited a temple the other day.

-It’s the sound of turning pages of a sutra book like this

I was a little confused at that time, but I tried to sleep again because I had to wake up early next morning and I closed my eyes.

Then, I feld someone was around me..

“Please…let me sleep..”

I had lied on my back but turned sideways, then my blanket was put aside.

And I put it back on me again, and then again it’s put aside.

Also, I felt somebody was looking into me, so finally screamed.

I was scared and chanted Buddhist sutra in me too.

I don’t know how much time had gone but I saw the morning and it’s about time to have breakfast with other members.

My coworker and the couple were already there, and I sat in a chair without saying anything about what I had experienced the night before.

Then the wife said, “My husband saw a ghost last night!”

I looked at him and could see that we both might have had the same thing.

“Well.. I did too.”

He told us that he had saw a man walking around in his room, heading to our building and disappeared out there.

My coworker also started talking, “Well, me too.. I could hear people moving around all night next room even though there was no one..”

After the breakfast, we went back to each building to prepare our luggages.

I and my coworker came to the lobby first, and saw the couple chatting and walking towards us with the owner.

And then the wife said, “According to the owner, what appeared last night was 7 Deities of Good Luck!

We told what we each experienced the night before, then she told us this:

I’ve heard the similar stories from some pleople who stayed here.
The path in front of the buildings is called “The path for 7 Deities of Good Luck”.

Some people know this, and a famous movie director, musician and even astronaut come to stay here to get energy.
My husband used to have cancer, but it’s disappeared after we moved here.

In my mom’s case, a doc told us that her days would be numbered, but she could live more than 30 years since then in the end.

I heard other stories from other guests like, a blind person’s eyesight came back, a sick person had beed held by someone at night in the room and he recovered etc.

Well, it seems what we saw was not a ghost but a Deities of Good Luck. 😉

By the way, I realized that we can also see a HUGE Guardian deity of children from the path.

It’s called “A Guardian deity of children for happiness” and it’s the largest in Japan.

A man, who is from this area and heaps up riches, built this for his mother’s 90 year-old birthday.

They said that he won big in the lottery after he had built it too.

3 days afer, I received a message from press couple who had moved to Tokyo.

“Hi, Nao. How are you? We are in Kichijhoji now and what I saw at Ryokan was this guy.”

The one on the right

Yes, that’s “A God of longevity”, one of 7 deities of good luck!!

I searched the God, and found he has peach on his right hand.

It’s a symbol of long life, and by chance, I had wanted to have peach so bad after the experience!!

If you want to stay a place where you can feel spiritual energy or you want to have unique experience, come to “Hananoki”.

You can enjoy hot spring and fresh meals too.

・Address:78-1, Shukunegi, Sado, Niigata, 952-0612
・Access:About 8 mins from Ogi Port
・The closest bus stop:2mins from Shukunegi Shinden Bus Stop
・Payment:Cash, Credit card(VISA, MASTER, AMEX, JCB)
・Charges:Min 11,000yen with breakfast and dinner
*Stay without meal is negotiable
・Pickup car:Available from Ogi *Reservation required
・Free wifi:Available
・For more information is here.