Relaxing restaurant in Ogi

Restaurant & cafe “Hiyoriyama” in Ogi is the most confortable restaurant in SADO Island.

It’s built in 1909 and the owner now renovated it to cafe & restaurant.

Just 5 mins from Ogi port and easy access.

The entrance is decorated with dried flowers and shells picked up in the island.

Light cotton towels designed by SADO artists displayed on the wall and you can buy them there, too.

They sell handmade goods by local artists, too.

It’s also a book store, so you can check some Japanese books back of the room.

This is one of the lunch menus, “Smoked Chiken Hot Sandwich with a cup of soup, 850yen tax included”.

The vegetables are so fresh and the smell of the smoked hams is so good.

My daughter ordered “Spicy Chicken Curry with salad and soup, 900yen tax included”.

Desserts are Matcha shaved ice, 500 yen tax included and Homemade Lemon sirup & Milk haved ice, 600yen tax included.

The BGM and light there are so relaxing, and very comfortable just to be there.

– Address: 232, Ogi, SADO city, Niigata
– TEL/FAX:0259-86-3550
– Open:10:00A.M.-5:00P.M.
– Closed: Irregular
– Parking area: Please use free parking area around Ogi Port