Relax @cafe “mikawa” in Ryotsu

The cafe “mikawa” is one of the best cafes in Sado Island.

It’s just 4mins by car and 16mins by walk from Ryotsu Port.

It’s traditional Japanese-style cafe, and has quaint atmosphere.

As soon as you open the door, you can smell the sweet fragrance.

It’s a little cozy space.

They have chiffon cake made of soy milk, gateaux chocolate, white sesame tart, almond pound cake, chocolate nougat etc. as sweets.

And cute cupcakes.

Everything looks nice, don’t they?

They also have sandwiches and toasted sandwiches on the menu.

Simply and healthy.

The set with a cup of coffee or tea costs just 500yen tax included, so very reasonable.

Very reasonable with this quality!
Love Cinnamon cake here.

There is an afternoon tea set, and it’s 1000yen tax included.

I ordered a gateaux chocolate, it’s rich and has a texture like snow melting in the mouth.

The owner is from Sado Island and has worked as a patissier in New York for years.

She tries to use local material as much as possible, so you can enjoy NY sweets with Sado foods.

It opens from 7A.M., so why don’t you come here to have a breakfast sometimes?

Address:176, Kasuga, Sado City
Last order:4:30P.M.
Takeaway menu:Possible til 5:00P.M.