Recommended beach in SADO Island

There are some beaches in SADO Island, and my recommended place is “Tassha Beach”.

healing bath in sado

Secret healing bath of legendary pure natural water in Sado

It’s located in the north of the island and just 10mins from Aikawa where the Gold Mine is.

Both adults and kids can enjoy the beach and clear water there.

It’s a shingly beach, and the water is so clear that you can see fish and seaweed in the water even from the beach.

Play at rocky shores & beach

There is a river as well, so you can playing there and at rocky shores at the same time.

When I went there the other day, I brought some fruits at supermarket and had them on the beach.

Bamboo tents were built on the beach this year, so you can be relax under them. 🙂

Enjoy beautiful beach and Bamboo art

Maybe you can collect beach glasses and shells there, and bring them back to your country as souvenirs?

When you are on the beach or swimming there, you can enjoy the scenery of the sea and mountain at the same time.

There is not so many places where you can feel both of mountain and sea breeze at the same time, but you can do that here.

Paid hot shower and free cold shower are there, so convenient, too.

Tassha Beach
Tassha, Sado city, Niigata, 952-2135