Quaint cafe&restaurant in Aikawa

If you want to go to popular cafe or restaurant in Aikawa area in SADO, you can go to “Kyomachitei”.

It has just opened a few weeks ago, and located nearby “Kyomachi Chaya”.

Feel the history in Aikawa

Experience the woodcut at the museum

Japanese quaint cafe after enjoying the Gold Mine

They don’t have a private parking, so you can park your car at shared parking area near a woodcut museum.

This big wooden sighboard will welcomes you.

The cafe&restaurant was renovated an old house and lots of local woods including bamboo are used.

You will feel the warmth of these wooden tables and chairs inside.

There is a little garden next to the cafe, so you can go out there and enjoy the view of the sea of Japan.

These stone chairs are use to be used as milstone in this area, and you can see them on the side way of Kyomachi street, too.

Can you guess what these rooms are? They are the restrooms. Cool, aren’t they?

The wash basin is made of local cray called “Mumyoi” and looks beautiful.

A toilet paper holder is made of wood, and this looks nice, too.

This is the wall at the entrance and made of bamboo. This expresses the Gold Mine.

These cushions and coasters made of torn yarn at the waiting area is one of the folk crafts in Aikawa.

You might get a picture of life in SADO Island if you see all transom windows, old chests of drawers, wall made of milstones and stonewall, chairs in the shape of a boat and clock made of bamboo.

Panoramic view of the sea of Japan from the counter

Garally to see culture in Aikawa

Local hand craft shop in Aikawa

I ordered the followings today:

  • SADO black-pork hamburger steak plate+soup, 1080yen
  • SADO chiken omelet and rice plate+soup, 1080yen
  • Spaghetti alla carbonara+Salad, 1080yen
  • Gateau au chocolat, 540yen
  • Lemon tart, 540yen

You can use not only cash(Japanese Yen) but also Credit Card or Pay Pay for payment.

– Address: 5, Yaoyacho, Aikawa, Sado city, Niigata-ken, 952-1545
– Open:
Lunch 11:30A.M.-2:30P.M.(L.O. 2:00P.M.)
Dinner 6:00P.M.-10:00P.M.(L.O. 9:00P.M.)
– Closed: Tue and Wed
– Payment: Cash, Credit Card(VISA、MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, Diners Club, Suica, Pasmo, iD etc.) and Pay Pay
– Reservation: Available
– Parking area:None but there is a public parking area nearby

SADO Magistrate’s Office

Before going to SADO Gold Mine

Local penny candy store on Kyomachi street

A Book Cafe & Local theater where you can have lunch