Play at rocky shores & beach

If you want to play at rocky shores & beach, Tassha would be a nice place.

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The rocky shores is just 15mins from Tassha Bus Stop on Kaifu-Line.

It’s located on the left side of the Tassha Beach and you can enjoy wisteria flowers, vetch and marguerite in May on your way.

There are a lot of rocks of various shapes.

and you can see many kinds of sea creatures such as barnacles, fishes, shells, crab and etc.

The water is very clear so you can see them even when you stand on a rock.

Of course, you can go to the other side too.

On your way back, you can come down to the beach.

In May
In Sep

At the end of the beach, there is a cave where a dragon used to live according to local folk tale.

This might be a good place to spend with your family and friends.