One day trip to Futatsugame

“Futatsugame” is a rock which seems 2 turtles lie down.

Close inspection of the rock surface shows spots in which magma have seeped into the rock face as well as cracks known as columnar joints that were made when the rock was cooling.

This rock was formed by cooled magma that rose underground to up near the ground’s surface.

Objects on the surface of these intrusions were removed through distegration and erosion when Sado Island rose from the bottom of the sea, which led to the formation of the shape that is has now.

The name of “kame/game” is derived from “kami” which means God, and represent “Kamui” which is a sacred island in the Ainu language.

The stone tower of Senpo Temple is located on the top has been worshipped as a dragon god who protected safe passage of ships.

Onogame gateway to a sacred space

I went there at the beginning of Jun, and it’s beautiful.

You can go down to the “Futatsugame View Hotel” direction, and take a path down.

It says that “Futatsugame” and “Onogame” got 2 stars on “MICHELIN Green Guide Japon”.

One day trip to Onogame

The sea is very clear and just beautiful.

Even from this height, you can see marine plants in the sea.

Of course, you can come down to the beach, too.

Looks private beach, isn’t it?

Sitting on a driftwood and watching waves beating the shore made me relax.

This beach is famous, having been selected as one of the 55 most excellent sea-bathing beach in Japan.

I could see fish in the water even from the beach, and the scenery changes because the tide rises and falls.

On your way back to Aikawa, you can see beautiful scenery, too.

Also, “Ozare Falls” on your left, and you might be able to see rainbow if you are lucky.

– Address: Washizaki, Sado city, Niigata, 952-3205
– Bus stop: Futatsugame on Kaifu line
– Parking: Free

Futatsugame Beach
– Pay Shower
– Toilet

Ozare Falls
– Address: Masara River, Sado city
– Parking: Free