Ojizo-san Matsuri/Event of guardian deity of children

“Ojizo-san* Matsuri/Event of guardian deity of children” is held on every August 23 in Tassha, Aikawa.

*Ojizo-san is the most popular Buddha in Japan. Its appearance is like human monk wearing a robe. And some Ojizou-san wears a bib because Jizo helps specially children.

In this area, 23rd is a day to celebrate guardian deity of children.

There are 2 Ojizo-san places here, and local people visit there with flowers and paper lantern.

One of the places has a public bath of natural water there, and you can take a bath there for free.

This area is called “Tassha” because a blind mother could meet her son in the conditon of “Tassha”/well/safely there.

Also, it’s said that she regained her eyesight after washing them with the natural water there.

healing bath in sado
healing bath in sado
healing bath in sado

Secret healing bath of legendary pure natural water in Sado

A local lady heats the natural bath water with wood almost every day, and you can enjoy a little hot spring with positive energy here.

Mearai Jizo
Tassha, SADO city, 952-2135
Time: Opened all year round
Fee: For free. Ojizo-san will be happy if you put some money in offertory boxes at the entrance. The money will be used for maintenance for that bath.