Matcha sweets at historical cafe

If you look for a cafe in Ogi area, “Kihachiya Goro Cafe” is one of the options.

It’s said that it used to be a shipping agent and changed to Ryokan/inn in 1939.

And it’s registered tangible cultural properties in 2006, and 1st floor was reborn as an old house cafe.

There is no parking area around the cafe, so you can either go there from the Ogi Bus Stop or park your car at free parking space around Ogi Port.

Once you enter there, you will see the good old Japan there.

You can enjoy cafe, local fruits juice and some sweets & pizza there.

Kihachiya Goro Cafe
– Address: 56-1, Ogi, SADO city, Niigata
– TEL/FAX:090-1031-7835
– Open:10:30A.M.-6:00P.M.
– Closed: Mon & Tue
– Parking area: Please use free parking area around Ogi Port