Lunch at Japanese Restaurant “Tokiwa-kan”

If you are looking for a Japanese restaurant around Ryotsu and Kanai area in Sado Island, you can go to “Tokiwa-kan”.

You can enjoy a variety of foods and good old days atmosphere there.


Well-balanced Japanese Lunch

“Tokiwa-kan” is a Japanese restaurant, 20mins from Ryotsu ferry port by car.

Looks a good-old family restaurant, doesn’t it?

There are counter seats around the entrance.

And some tables & chairs too.

The sunlight coming through the window makes this space warm and relaxing.

There is another building next to this, and it’s more for groups.

In general, “商売繁盛(Shobai-hanjyo)” means business success.

However, this “笑倍繁盛(Shobai-hanjyo)” makes a play on words, and means “smile success”.

For the owner here, smile success looks the most important to run a business.

It also says “The business is planting for appreciation”.

The leaflets and posters are very nostalgic.

They reused a bag for rice and made an original eco-bag too.

On the bag, you can see pictures of Sado Island, Japanese crested ibis and rice, which symbols for Sado Island.

As to the lunch, I ordered a set with fried cake of minced meat.

  • Fresh Sado vegetable
  • Yam & Natto with soy sauce
  • Chopped burdock root & carrot cooked in sugar and soy sauce
  • Fried vegetable & bacon
  • Fried cake of minced meat
  • Japanese pickles
  • Miso soup
  • Rice

8 kinds of dishes in total!

You can enjoy a variety of Sado vegetables not only raw but also in many other ways.

Fried cake of minced meat is healthy and I’m sure that it will fill both of your heart & stomach.

Address:104, Izumi, Sado City, 952-1212
Open:Mon-Fri~ 10:30A.M.~4:00P.M., Sat 10:30A.M.-3:00P.M.