Lunch at a cafe & restaurant overlooking the ocean

If you are looking for a cafe & restaurant with a panorama of the sea, you can go to the “SHIMAFUMI”.

It’s located in the south-west on the island, and have terrace with a sea view.

You can enjoy bread made by using natural yeast, homemade lunch & sweets made from Sado vegetables and fruits.

There is a parking area on the opposite side of the road, so you can park your car if you have car rental.

They even have a guest house including a living-dining room and 2 twin rooms next to the cafe & restaurant.

Address:923-5, Daisho, Sado city, Niigata-ken, 952-0431

In the morning, you can come to the cafe and have breakfast feeling the warmth of the morning sun.

Next to the guesthouse, there is a SPA for head massage. You can get hair cut and dye your hair too.

When you go down the steps, you will see the terrace and entrance of the cafe.

Nuts bread, Orange & cream cheese bread, Milk bread, Sweet bean bread, Sausage bread, Cream cheese and Pear bread, Chocolate cream bread, peanut butter bread, Salt-butter bread, Crunchy Bacon Bread etc.

So many options!

This bottle of milk is made in this area and it’s rare product. You might want to try this.

At counter, you can see hot sandwich lunch menu.

Ham & Cheese with cream sauce, Vegetable sand with macadamia nuts sauce, Dried uncured ham & Brie cheese and Bacon Banana hot sandwitch.

These lunch menu includes salad, a cup of soup and a drink.

Sado fig & Dried uncured ham salad and marinated pumpkin looks nice too.

I ordered Dried uncured ham & Brie cheese and payed at the counter.

You can have lunch either outside and inside.

I had been waiting at the terrace until my lunch was deliverd feeling sunlight and a grateful breeze from the Japan Sea.

There are another chairs and side tables so you can be relax here looking the sea over drinks.

Kids can play swing here too.

This is Dried uncured ham & Brie cheese sandwitch.

Fresh smell of Rye & Brie cheese and a thin refined sourness of semi-dried tomato spreads in my mouth.

Pumpkin soup with natural taste was also tasty and healthy.

A glass of Sado apple juice came with a lunch, and it has refined sweetness.

If you would like to have lunch at a cafe & restaurant overlooking the ocean, this is the recommended one.

Address:105-4, Daisho, Sado city, 952-0431
TEL: 0259-55-4545
Official website: