Local penny candy store on Kyomachi street

When you visit The SADO Gold Mine in Aikawa, you can drop by at this penny candy store on Kyomachi street.

It’s a little local shop and you can find interesting things here.

The name of this shop is “Charakura Store”.

“Charakura” means kind of “laid-back” in Sado dialect, and this store is relaxing literally.

It’s located in the middle of Kyomachi street.

Japanese quaint cafe after enjoying the Gold Mine

They have Gold Mine Bun and it’s filled with red bean paste and gold leaf!!

You can buy takeaway local dishes which are made in this area.

Of course, there are Japanese traditional candies and snacks, so you can try these too.

In a refrigerator, you can find local sausages which are made by father who won International sausage contest in Europe for 6 times and his son who has German National Certificate for meat.

And there are so many other stuffs such as local rice, rush coasters, handmade goods etc.

Look at these Japanese pattern hair ties! Aren’t they beautiful?

The one with a Japanese crested ibis is so unique, and it shows that you visit the place where these precious birds still live.

These bags are made of cloth or silk of Kimono, and each of them is the only ones in the world.

This could be a good souvenir too.

Charakura Store
Address:19, Kyomachi, Aikawa, Sado
Open:Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat and Sun

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