Local hand craft shop in Aikawa

Aikawa where Sado Gold Mine is located is famous for “Sakiori”, which is handmade craft using kimono yarn.

And you can see many of them at “Kichoan”.

It’s on the Kyomachi Street in Aikawa, and you will see a notice on your left side in the middle of the street.

Feel the history in Aikawa

They have slippers made of cotton, and you can use them as sandals or room shose.

Bomboo bag would be a nice interior in your house.

Potteries made of cray in Sado are cool, and some of my friend bought them as souvenior.

The cray is very special and it’s prohibited to take this soil out of Sado Island, but you can take it as products like them.

In another room, the antique potteries and postcards made by local artist are displaied.

Have you ever seen them?

Left: Ash container
Middle: Brazier
Right: Baking pan for making traditional sweets in Sado

In Sado Island, these things are still used at some places.

When you step into the room on your left side, you will see costers of textile woven with a woof made of cloth or silk and torn into thin strips, wallet and small bags.

Coin cases and business card holders. All of them is “only one” product and unique.

Pen cases and make-up goods bags.

These bags are finely woven and very strong.

The owner of this shop, Mrs. Shi takes time to make these bags with these beautiful strings.

These frindges are made of used clothes too.

If you have a chance to come to Aikawa, you can drop at this shop, too.

Address: 12, Kami Kyomachi, Aikawa, Sado city, 952-1522
TEL: 0259-74-2550
Open: Wed, Fri, Sat, Morning on Sun
Closed: Mon, Tue, Thu, Afternoon of Sun
*Closed rom Dec to Feb