Let’s have some good coffee before the trip

After arriving at Ryotsu, why don’t you have a coffee to take a breath a little?

The maSanicoffee is a good place to have some coffee and be relax.

Gold Mine Hamburger at port

It’s on the 1st floor at the Ryotsu Port, and pretty new & clean.

Open from 4:45 A.M. to 7:00P.M. so that you can enjoy it even when you arrive in Sado Island early in the morning.

You can get good local coffee beans, healthy popcorn, tea leaves, dried and fresh fruits here too.

The packages are simple & unique, so that could be a good souvenirs.

The moment you open the door, you can enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

All coffee made by a special coffee machineare are aromatic and spreads in the mouth.

Toast bread with local rich butter and sandwich as well as coffee and seasonal drinks are on the menu.

I ordered White Latte using local milk this time, and it’s mild, creamy and tasty.

Time goes by slowly here, and this is the good place to enjoy it.

You can have some coffee and foods inside of the cafe before taking a local bus or get in a rental car or get them to-go.


Address:353-1, Minato, Sado-city 1F 1st floor in the Ryotsu Port
Open:All year around except, 4:45 A.M.-7:00P.M.
Closed: In case of cancellation of the boats