Japanese SOBA restaurant around Gold Mine

If you want to have lunch or dinner around Gold Mine in Aikawa on weekend, “Yozaemon” would be a good place.

It’s located on the top of Kyomachi Street, and you can enjoy SADO Soba, which is buckwheat noodles, and pasta here.

The interiors are traditional and the atmosphere is very relaxing.

You can see local crafts there too.

Even this place mat and cushion are made of textile woven with a woof made of cloth or silk and torn into thin strips here.

This is the most popular lunch on the lunch menu called “The Story of the Gold Mine”.

A type of sushi in which SOBA & minced chicken with sesami are wrapped in fried bean curd as an appetizer.

It shows a rail car which was used in Gold Mine in 17th century.

Minced chicken with sesami wrapped in fried bean curd describes ores, cucumber is rail car wheel, and vegetables seasoned in vinegar are like rails.

The combination of SOBA, minched chiken and vegetables are great.

The family next to me said, “It’s so good! I can have 5 of them.” and he ordered extra ones.

Main dish is “Gold Mine Cranny SOBA”.

Homemade fried bean curd describes a big cut of Gold Mine, tempura scraps show destoried rocks, and seaweed is raging waves in SADO Island.

The handmade SOBA has special flavor and is soft and chewy.

Cold soup of SOBA is mild and makes the most of the original taste of local ingredients.

At the end of the story, you will have “Mined desserts”.

  • Right bottom: Oval of bean‐jam‐filled wafers & seasonal fruit
  • Middle: Coffee showing mineral ores & Golden fruit jelly
  • Left bottom: Madeleine of local apple baked by imperial family crest pan

Oval of bean‐jam‐filled wafers & seasonal fruit showing gold coins
Coffee showing mineral ores in Gold mine & Golden fruit jelly

All of them have delicate texture and flavor, and very delicious.

If you come to the Gold Mine, and want to go to Japanese Restaurant, this would be a good place.

Address: 11, Shingoro-machi, AIkawa, Sado-city, Niigata, 952-1523
TEL: 090-7832-5806
Open: Fri, Sat & Sun
Closed: Min, Tue, Wed & Thu
Time: Lunch 11:00A.M.-2:30P.M., Dinner 5:30P.M.-9:00P.M.
Payment: Cash only
Parking: 4 cars
The closest Bus Stop: 15min from SADO Hangamura on Nanaura Line