Japanese restaurant at ferry terminal

If you want to have lunch or dinner as soon as you get off the ferry or jetfoil, you can go to “Yorokonde”, a Japanese restaurant, in the ferry terminal building in Sado Island.


When you come out of the ticket gate at Ryotsu port, go straight and you will see a path with lots of souvenir shops on your left side.

Keep walking a little, and take the stairways on your right side.

They have a variety foods on their menu such as Sashimi Set, Daily set, Pork cutlet, Deep fried oysters, Sandwich, Pasta etc.

This is lunch set with deep fried oysters.

These fresh oysters are from Lake Kamo around here and very tasty.

This is Sashimi of octopus, and mixed with miso and suger.

This goes great with Sake in Sado Island too!!

There are many noodle menu, too. This is a local Ramen noodle.

It’s simple but very good.

The soup is good, too.

After having meal, you can pay at the counter.

The counter for payment is on the right side on this picture.

You can check the speciality and souvenir here around the counter.

If you are thinking to have meal somewhere close to the ferry terminal, this place will be a good option.

Address:353-1, Minato, Ryotsu, Sado City, 952-0014
Open:7 days a week 8:00A.M.-8:00P.M.