Japanese quaint cafe after enjoying the Gold Mine

The Gold Mine is one of the sight-seeing spots in Sado Island, and maybe you plan to visit there.

After enjoying there, you can come down to the little local cafe “Kyomachi Chaya” to be relax.

You can taste cheesecake, egg cake, Tiramisù made by the owner with 100% fresh carrot juice, apple juice and special coffee put in snow storage seeing the Sea of Japan.


Where is “Kyomachi Chaya”?

It’s 5mins from the Gold Mine by car and 10mins by walk, and located at the bottom of the “Kyomachi Street”.

In the 17th century when the Gold Mine Business flourished, this was the main street.

People from Kyoto and Osaka opened their shops here and there were many shops of Nishijin Textile from Kyoto, and the name of the street originated from it.

This village was separated by the occupations, and the familys of a merchant was living in “Kyomachi” and carpenters in “Daikumachi”.

Around the entrance of the Kyomachi Cafe, there is a bell which has told the hour over 200 years in this Aikawa area.

It’s made of copper mined here and the hight is 150m and about 260cm in circumference.

Rebuild in 1860, and now it tells the time twice a day.

Also, there is a brick wall along the street, and a courthouse used to be there.

Now it’s used as a woodcut museum and copper prints and works by silkscreen are displayed as well as wood-block prints.


A little break at a cozy Japanese style cafe

Kyomachi Chaya is the best place to refresh yourself after walking through the Gold Mine tunnel.

An old fishbowl, a shop curtain with a splashed pattern and woody signboard with a warm atmosphere give a warm welcome.

There are small chairs outside and you can sit and be relax too.

It looks like a little gallery inside of the cafe, and you will see these clay dolls made by local artist as soon as you step into it.

These wooden ornaments are made by the locals too and have warmth.

Time stands still in this house and things seem as they were 200 eyars ago.

An old well

It has a big round table and chairs inside and 2 wooden tables shaped like “S” of “Sado Island” on the terrace.

Just priceless to have a cup of coffee or fresh juice enjoying the glistening water in the sunlight.

All drinks are tasty, but the best is the fresh carrot juice(200yen tax included) made of 2 carrots from local farm. It’s 100% natural and slightly sweet.

The coffee put in the snow storage is flavorful, and it’s served in the cup made of special cray only from this area.

Textiles woven with a woof made of cloth or silk and torn into thin strips are used as coasters of drinks.

You can enjoy these traditional crafts products as well as tasty drink seeing expansive scenery.

Kyomachi Chaya
Address: 5, Yaoyacho, Aikawa, Sado city, Niigata-ken, 952-1545
TEL : 090-1428-6105
Payment : Cash only
Open : 9:30A.M.-4:00P.M.
Closed: Tue *Irregulary closed from winter to Mar
Reservation:Not necessary
Parking area:None but there is a public parking area nearby

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