Japanese Lunch around Ryotsu port

If you feel like having Japanese food lunch, especially used local products, you can go to “Kisaragi” around Ryotsu port.

There is a lunch menu used SADO products and you can enjoy both SADO seafood, vegetables and fruit.

  • Mix of SADO brand rice and ancient rice
  • Local vege Salad
  • 3 different kinds of appetizers
  • Boiled fish and vegetables
  • Grilled or boiled fish
  • Grilled turban shell with miso
  • Fishball mixed with Soy pulp
  • Seasonal dessert

All of them are made of or cooked with SADO products, and nutritionally well balanced.

This is “Nishime” which is had at a celebration in SADO Island from long time ago.

Today’s fish meal is boild sea bream. The sea bream is expensive in Japan, so you will not have many chances to enjoy this fish with this price!

Seasonal dessert was SADO dried persimmon.

You can experience local meals and traditional food at celebration in SADO Islnad at the same time.

– Address: 2F, 143, Minato, Sado city, Niigata, 952-0014
– TEL : 090-2167-9145
– Open: Tue – Sun, 11:00A.M.-7:30P.M.
– Closed: Mon
– Payment: Cash Only
– Parking: None