Japanese Food Restaurant “Den”

If I was asked the best Japanese food restaurant in Sado Island, I would recommend “Den”.

It’s located around the middle of the island, and looks like a secret place even for the locals.

All foods are used seasonal ingredients just right for that season and they are so fresh.

At the entrance, you will see the sigh of “Den”, and they have some space to park 2-3 standard size car cars.

There are 6 seats at the counter, and 3 tables on the Japanese style tatami floor.

Also, you might be able to use a private room for 4-5 people at the end of the restaurant.

Lunch sets menus are nutritionally well balanced and pleasing in appearance too.

Daily special menu:800yen, tax included
Sashimi Set:1,000yen, tax included
Grilled Fish Set:1,000yen, tax included
Tempura:1,000yen, tax included

It would cost at least 2,000yen tax included if you tried to have the same kind of lunch set in Tokyo.

Why don’t you come here to taste fresh Japanese food and enjoy local atmosphere?

Address:126-5, Hatano, Sado-city, 952-0206
Open:Lunch 11:30A.M.-1:00P.M. from Mon to Fri, Dinner 5P.M.-9:30P.M. from Mon to Sat and holiday
Payment:Cash only
Parking:3 cars