Italian using SADO products

If you feel like having some Western dishes using SADO products on the island, Italian restaurant “Youshokudou” would be the good one.

It’s located in Mano area where is almost center of the island.

You can have lunch and dinner there.

It’s Japanese old house restaurant and a green notice is a guide here.

When you open the entrance door, the owner couple welcome us with big smiles.

The lady is from Okinawa, and they used to run a restaurant there and moved to SADO Island after that.

Local vegetables are displayed on the counter. All of them look so fresh!

You can enjoy Japanese SAKE here, too.

The atmosphere is very relaxing and feel so good to stay here.

You will see a good old Japan.

We ordered these 5 dishes today.

  • Hamburg using SADO Kurobuta (Black Berkshire) Pork
  • Tomato spaghetti using SADO octopus
  • Curry using SADO Kurobuta (Black Berkshire) Pork
  • Ice cream flavored with cacao chocolate
  • Crema catalana

First, cold potato soup was served. The natural sweetness of the potato spreads in the mouth.

Hamburg using SADO Kurobuta (Black Berkshire) Pork is tasty and goes well with the rich sauce.

Hamburg on other day.

SADO octopus of Tomato spaghetti is fresh and good for seafood lover.

Curry using SADO Kurobuta (Black Berkshire) Pork is rich and thick.

Simple curry on other day.

Ice cream flavored with chocolate in cacao is simple but great, and I will become addicted.

Crema catalana with orange sauce is rich and creamy.

I will definitely bring my friends here next time.

– Address: 413, Mano Shinmachi, SADO City, Niigata, 952-0318
– TEL: 0259-67-7356
– Open
Lunch 12:00〜14:00 (ラストオーダー13:30)
Dinner 17:00〜21:00 (ラストオーダー20:00)
– Reservation: by phone call
– Parking: 2-3 small cars
– The closest bus stop: Mano-Goryo-Iriguchi on Minami line, Ogi line and Akadomari line