Gold panning at Gold Park

SADO is well-known as the island with gold and silver mine, and you can experience gold padding at Nishimikawa Gold Park.

Gold Mine at Nishimikawa is even on the Japanese Tales from Times Past made in the 11th century, and the gold there had supported Kenshin UESUGI, a feudal lord, in the 16th century.

And at that time, 250kg of gold was mined a year, and it’s said that history of SADO Gold and Silver mine started from this area.

This is the facility of the Nishimikawa Gold Park.

You can buy a ticket at the counter on your left side after entering it.

The God of fortune, “Daikokuten”, welcomes you with a big smile at the entrance. 🙂

There is an exhibition and video room, and you can deepen your knowledge about history of SADO Gold Mine a little.

If you go straight, you will see gold padding experience room.

  • Beginner course: Experience inside
  • Intermediate course: Experience at artificial river outside
  • Advance course: Experience at natural river outside
Will be a good activity in the rainy day, too.

Before starting the experience, the staff will explain how to pad gold.

It looks easy but it requires perseverance and focus.

However, you will be super happy when you find something sparkling!!

My daughter got this much for 30min. That’s more than I expected, and will be a good memory.

You can make a key ring, pendant or strap if you pay extra 1500yen tax included.

After experience it, enjoy shopping at souvenir shop.

I bought a cheesecake and cookie.

Local apple juice and jam are also nice, too.

Nishimikawa Gold Park
・Address: 835-1, Nishimikawa, Sado city, Niigata, 952-0434
・TEL: 0259-58-2021
・Open: Mon-Sun
8:30A.M.-5:00P.M. in Mar, Apr & Sep
8:30A.M.-5:30P.M. from May to Aug
9:00A.M.-4:30P.M. from Dec to Feb
・Admission fee: 800yen/Adult, 700yen/Child, tax included *Include experience fee
・Payment: Cash only
・Parking: 200 cars, 10 buses
・The closest bus stop: Nishimikawa Gold Park on Ogi line