Gold Mine Hamburger at port

If you would like to have some unique lunch in SADO Island, why dont’t you have the Gold-mine Hamburger at maSanicoffee?

Let’s have some good coffee before the trip

The maSanicoffee is located at ground floor in the Ryotsu Port whrere SADOKISEN is.

Gold-mine Hamburger, 1300yen tax included, is one of the lunch menus there, and you can have this hamburger only here.

You can choose 2 things out of Salad, fried potato and soup as side menues, and also drink including super delicious SADO Apple juice.

If you would like to buy some bread to go, you can buy local bread at the counter, too.

Also, they have coffee beans, SADO tea leaves, SADO popcorn, biscotto made of SADO rice flour, SADO dried fruits, SADO photo books and hand made items of TOKI, Japanese crested ibis, and it’s might be a nice place to get souvenirs.

The Gold-mine Hamburger has fresh SADO vegetables with the sauce made of local miso, bean paste, and it’s delicious!

Can you see the name of SADO “佐渡” is engraved on it as gold coins made here in the 17th century at the Gold Mine in Aikawa?

They put SADO salt on the fried potatos, and it’s also good.

You might like this healthy salad and soup made of local vegetables, too.

Why don’t you enjoy this thinking of SADO history?


Address:353-1, Minato, Sado-city 1F 1st floor in the Ryotsu Port
Open:All year around except, 4:45 A.M.-7:00P.M.
Closed: In case of cancellation of the boats

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