Get fresh foods before camping!

If you are thinking to camp or enjoy barbecue in SADO, you might wanna come here to get fresh SADO Food.

It’s called “Yorankaya”, which is the biggest direct sales stores on the island, and you can get a variety of SADO Food there.

“Yorankaya” is located in Kanai, the center of the island, and it’s just 1 minute walk from the closest bus stop, so easy to access.

There are vegetables, fruits, seafood, milk products, meat, dried foods, flowers, bread, SAKE, processed goods such as jam, juice and lunch boxes made of local products.

Fresh and cheap!

Most of them are SADO products and you can get various foods there.

The consumers can see and check the producers’ name and producing area on each package, so you might find your favorite ones. 🙂

It provides a place for customers to enjoy food and drinks in casually.

You can try “Taiyaki”, which is one of Japanese traditional sweets and fish-shaped pancake filled with bean jam.

If you are lucky, you might be able to taste ice cream made of SADO milk.

It’s also nice place to get souvenirs, too.

  • Address: 68-1, Chigusa, SADO city, 952-1209
  • TEL: 0259-63-3538
  • Open: Mon to Sun, 9:00A.M.-7:30P.M.
  • Closed: Jan 1st
  • Parking: Free parking available
  • Place to eat in the shore
  • The closest bus stop: “SADO byoin” station on #1