Garally to see culture in Aikawa

Sado Gold Mine in Aikawa is the one of the places you cannot miss to know history in Sado.

And in the same area, there is “Kyomachi Street” which used to be a mainstreet when the Gold Mine was flourished.

Feel the history in Aikawa

In the middle of the street, there is a garally where you can see tradition and culture in this area.

Folkcraft goods, artifact and bamboo crafts are displaied there.

Sometimes, a man who takes over the skill makes bamboo craft in this shop.

This is interiors made of local bamboo. Looks good, aren’t they?

These are tile roofs which you can see only in SADO. People put circle marks on the left ones praying for fire prevention.

Sado Gold Mine was taken over by Mitsubishi Material Co. after 1896, so some tiles have its mark on them.

The ones on the right with chrysanthemum mark were used for the houses related to emperor.

We visit there in May, when Japanese people celebrate Children’s Day, so dolls are displayed to pray for their health and happiness.

You can see wooden ones, too. It’s like a puzzle, and all pieces go into the base.

Armor was there, too. Displaying armor implies protecting the safety of boys.

According to the owner, this is the last building to have latticework in this area.

These Japanese broach made of bamboo & Kimono clothes could be a good souvenior to your family and friends!

Paper craft flowers

An old chest of drawer

Goods made of ground cherries with Kimono ball on the a textile woven with a woof made of cloth or silk and torn into thin strips.

They are made of Kimono clothes, too. All color and pattern are beautiful.

This is made of more than 1000 small handmade flowers.

And this is “Bunya puppets” which is registered as one of the important intangible folk-cultural properties.

Local people used to watch this play with these dolls at temple and shrine at 18th century.

If you are interested in tradition and culture in Sado, this could be a nice shop to drop by.

Kyomachi Street
Address: Aikawa, Sado city, Sado
The closest bus stop: 1min from the Sado Hanga Mura on Honsen or Nanaura-kaigan sen