Fruits 100% Shaved ice

If you want to have fresh and delicious sweets in Sado Island, you can come to “Fruits Cafe Saito”.

It’s located almost in the middle of Sado Island.

There is a notice like this and flag in front of the shop, and you can park your car behind this building.

We went there at 3:30P.M. on Sun in May, and the tables were occupied, and other 2 groups were waiting outside.

You can enjoy strawberry miniatures in a table while you wait for your order.

Here is a menu board:

500yen tax included for each

  • Strawberry
  • Persimmon
  • Nectarine
  • Apple

  • Fresh juice 500yen, tax included
  • Persimmon smothie 400yen, tax included
  • Coffee or tea 300yen, tax included
  • Vanilla icecream 300yen, tax included
  • Fruits パフェ 600yen, tax included
  • Puffy Ciffon Cake 220yen, tax included
  • Apple pie 300yen, tax included

These meals are avilable too.

  • Persimmon Chocolate 350yen, tax included
    Use local sweet persimmons
  • Toasted bread with Echigo Strawberries 500yen, tax included
    Use strawberries of this farm and bread from local bakery “OKAME”
  • Chken Curry 500yen tax included *Only on Sat and Sun
    Use rice & persimmons of this farm and sweet onions from Awaji Island

We had curry, Strawberry Shave and Persimmon Smothie on this day.

The curry which chiken is melted is a little spicy but tasty.

They shaved frozen strawberries from their farm and put condensed milk on it.

It’s very fresh and delicious. This is definitely different from the regular shaved ice only with articial syrup at other shops.

If you want more condensed milk, you can ask staff to give more. They will add it for free. 😉

The persimmon somoothie is milky and very mild.

The menu changes by season, so you can visit here from time to time to enjoy seasonal fruits on Sado.

Saito Farm
Address: Aoki, Niibo, Sado city, 952-0102
TEL: 0259-67-7088
Open: 11A.M. – 3:00P.M.
Closed: Tue
Payment: Cash only