Flully Japanese pancakes in Aikawa

If you feel like having some sweets around Aikawa area, please come to Haneda street.

There is a little sweets shop on the street, and you can get Japanese traditional pancakes, “Obanyaki”.

“Obanyaki” is a Japanese pancake filled with filling such as red bean paste and sweet custard cream.

Mr.Murata had opened this Obanyaki shop more than 50 years ago, and his son took over it.

And he son has run it more than 30 years, and now we can still enjoy the same taste!

You can choose pancake filled with red bean paste or sweet custard cream.

Red bean paste one costs 100yen, and sweet custard cream 120yen, tax included.

Both of them are not too sweet and healthy.

The owner still keeps special recipe that his father taught him. 😉

They are so flully!!

In summer, you can have shaved ice and 6 kinds of icecream with vanilla, chocolate, Matcha/green tea flavor etc.

You can enjoy these sweets in the little shop if you want.

Obanyaki Shop
Address:62, Haneda-machi, Aikawa, Sado