Feel the history in Aikawa

If you come to Aikawa area, you might want to visit “Kyomachi Street”.

Experience the woodcut at the museum

Japanese quaint cafe after enjoying the Gold Mine

It connects between Gold Mine and Bugyousyo, which is Magistrate’s Office, and used to be a mainstreet in this area when Gold Mine was flourished in 17th century.

Cherry blossom viewing in SADO

Cherry Blossoms are beautiful in April
Why don’t you walk here in Kimono in June?

At the bottom of the street, there is a bell made of SADO copper.

It has announced the time since 17th century, and looked over local plople’s life here.

Merchants from Kyoto and Osaka came here to open their shops, and the name of “Kyomachi Street” comes from it.

The street is made in a grid pattern in accordance with the town planning of Japanese government at that time.

Japanese SOBA restaurant around Gold Mine

Local penny candy store on Kyomachi street

A Book Cafe & Local theater where you can have lunch

Each block was named by the occupation like “Carpenter block” and “Fruit and vegetable shop block”.

When you go up to the street, you can see a HUGE ridge-end tile and a stone mill which were used in this area in 17th century.

Relax at local cafes from time to time..

In the afternoon, an orange sun set into the Sea of Japan shines this street.

It’s beautiful and the warm orange street and buildings makes me feel nostalgic.

The local festival called “Yoinomai” is held every June, and people come down the street dancing traditional “Aikawa Ondo” and with live music through paper lanterns.

When you watch people who are in Japanese kimono and dance the local dance with traditional musical instrument there, you would feel as if you had been transported to 17th century.

Kyomachi Street
Address: Aikawa, Sado city, Sado
The closest bus stop: 1min from the Sado Hanga Mura on Honsen or Nanaura-kaigan sen