Feel history of sado island

There is a “Kyomachi Dori/Street” in Aikawa.

Feel the history in Aikawa

The name is originated from the history that mercer from Kyoto and Osaka have opened their shops there when SADO Gold Mine prospered in 17th century.

A large bell made of SADO copper is on the street and it’s charming in its own way.

And on the street, the festival called “Yoinomai” is held at the beginning of every June.

The festival starts with the sound of a copper bell after sunet into the Sea of Japan.

Pale light of paper lanterns light the histrical street, and many groups sing the Aikawa song of 400 years of history and dance there.


Date: At the beginning of June
Place: Kyomachi Street
TEL: 0259-74-3515
The closest bus stop: 1min from the SADO Hangamura on Honsen