Enjoy Yellowtail Festival!

If you plan to come to SADO Island in Dec, you might wanna think about participating in “Yellowtail Festival”.

Fishing boats leave port at the beginning of the festival, and come back there with lots of fresh yellowtails.

You can have fresh yellowtail sashimi and miso soup.

A bowl of miso soup is offered to 1000 people, and it’s finished before noon every year.

So, if you would like to have one, please go there before noon!

During the festival, you can watch yellowtail race and Onidaiko, deity dance, by people, too.

Yellowtail Festival
– Date: Dec, 2020
– Time: from 10:00
– Location: Washizaki, Sado city, Niigata
– Contact: 0259-27-3258 *in Japanese
– Entry fee: Free
– The closest bus stop: Just in front of Washizaki st on #4
– Parking