Enjoy seasonal SAKURA sweets

When you come to south of SADO Island, you might wanna enjoy these seasonal Japanese sweets at the Japanese restaurant “Shun”.

These sweets are packed together in “Jubako”, which is a special box that resembles bento boxes.

It’s spring when I visited there, so seasonal fruits and flowers such as strawberry and SAKURA, cherry blossoms, are made for some sweets.

  • Fried rice‐flour dumplings
  • Soft round rice cake stuffed with strawberries and sweet bean jam
  • SAKURA mochi, rice cake
  • SAKURA sweet bean
  • Strawberry ice cream
  • Tart with strawberry sauce
  • Chocolate chocolate brownie

Beautiful, aren’t they?

You can also have Katsu and SOBA, buckwheat noodles, made of local products.

I had fresh green tea noodles, and it was nice, too.

There are the Watatsu Shrine which is known as a shrine for travellers, Hamo River and park for kids, so you can drop by at this cafe when you visit these spots.

Shrine for travellers’ safety

– Address: 170-1, Iioka, Hamo, SADO City, Niigata-ken, 952-0503
– TEL: 0259-88-3277
– Open: Fri – Sun, 11A.M. – 5P.M. Last Order 4P.M.
– Closed : Wed and Thu
– Payment: Cash, card
– Parking: Available
– The closest bus stop: 5min walk from “Ichinomiya Mae” on No.8