Enjoy SAKURA shower at temple

If you want to enjoy SAKURA in SADO Island, Taikei Temple would be the good place.

Rows of SAKURA, cherry blossom trees, and its beautiful arch will welcome you.

You would feel as if you were dreaming there, especially when you go through the arch.

The old push wheel and thatched shed and warehouse in the temple look very cool.

The sounds of birds singing also makes you very relax and feel peaceful.

It’s also nice photo spot, too.

Taikei Temple
– Address: 1110, Kita-Shinbo, SADO Ciyu, Niigata, 952-1208
– TEL: 81-259-63-2530
– E-mail:taikeiji@e-sadonet.tv
– The closest bus stop: 5mins walk from “Undou-Koenmae” on No.1 line
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