Enjoy organic coffee & tea in nature

Sado island has a lot of wild grasses & medicinal herbs.

And you can enjoy them as coffee or tea at cafe “Berries” in Kanai area.

It’s about 15min from Ryotsu port by car, and 35 mins from Aikawa area.

The closest local bus stop is “Yoshi”, and it’s about 30min walk from tha station.

It’s in the middle of rice and other cropsfarmsthe fields, and you will see the notice like this on your left on your way there.

Tree of mimosa welcomes us at the entrance.

At the moment you open the door, you will be surrounded by the relaxing herbal scent.

There are a variety of harbal tea, organic honey, vegetable sauce etc. on the front shelf.

On your right side, you can see Sado rice, original pancake mix, seeds & young plants of harbs, insect repellent mist, shampoo for pet etc. too.

Around the counter, it has seasonal homemade jam & aroma essence.

These jams are made without using sugar and very healthy.

Rice-malt Jam with blueberry, peach and strawberry.

They could be a good souvenir. 😉

I bought a Cherry Jam & Mixed berries Jam.

This time, I ordered a cup of decaf grain coffee including organic rye, malt, root of chicory and fig.

The grain coffee is aromatic and not so bitter and easy to drink.

A cracker with Peach & raspberry Jam has naturally sweet and tasty.

The peach is very freash and juicy, and the flavor fills your month when you take a bite.

I bought this jam too.

You can also choose drink depending on your condition. For example, Qi energy blend will be good for you if you are tired.

If you have dry skin or constipation, tea for Aging would be good.

Energy flow might help you if you are stressful or have difficulty falling asleep.

This cafe is small & simple, and you can enjoy drink looking out harbal garden feeling the sun.

It’s the best place to have coffee & tea with some snack in a harbal garden feeling gentle breeze from the mountain & hearing chirping of small birds on the trees.

Address:750-1, Shimo Yokoyama, Sado city
Open:Depends on the season.
Please check the following official website or FB.
Weekend & Holiday:10A.M.-6P.M.

Official website