Enjoy delicious lunch at hostel!

If you want to have lunch at cool and relaxing cafe or restaurant, Hostel Perch would be good one.

It’s located in Sawata where is center of SADO Island.

It used to be an about 70-year-old Ryokan(inn), but the owner of this hostel, Mr.Wataru, renovated it to be a cool hostel.

We aim to be a port of call
A destination for travelers to revisit
Nestled amid a landscape in constant flux
Exposed to perpetual scenic views
We look forward to welcoming you soon

Hostel Perch

There are sofas and wooden chair at the entrance.

In winter, the firewood and fireplace walmly welcome you.

The 2nd floor is hostel and 1st floor is used as a cafe & bar.

Not only indivisuals but also some people and companies come here to hold workshops and events using projector and screen here, too.

You can get information about SADO Island by checking local free papers and meeting other travelers.

At the counter, you can buy and take out small buns, muffin and bagels.

Now you can enjoy chicken curry with Chickpeas.

It’s mild and very tasty.

I had it with a cup of chai tea today, and it’s good, too.

Why don’t you come here to enjoy the delicious lunch and atmosphere of good old time?

Hostel Perch
  • Address: 4, Suwamachi, Kawaharada, SADO city, Niigata, 952-1315
  • TEL:+81-259-58-7311
  • E-mail: info@s-perch.com
  • Free wifi
  • Printing available
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Instagram