Enjoy beautiful beach and Bamboo art

The opening ceremony of “Bamboo Project” of Tassha village in Aikawa and Nihon University was held on Tassha Beach on 15th July, 2019.

The local people in this area and students of Nihon University have worked on revitalizing the community by using local material.

A Bamboo Archand a Bamboo Cocoon were built on the beach this year.

A Bamboo Arch is a sunshade. It’s made by using the characteristics of pliability of local bamboo fibers.

The curved lines of the bamboo and the sea looking over them are beautiful.

Bamboo Cocoon is literally comfortable and good place to be relax on the beach.

At the ceremony, they cut the bamboo instead of tape.

And they enjoyed “Mochimaki” which is the framework raising ceremony held during construction of a new building and an event of scattering rice cakes for people who come there. *It’s based on Shinto ritual.

“Nagashi Soumen”, which flow noodles through a bamboo toi (a generic term for a gutter), catch it with chopsticks, and dip it in special soup to eat, was also held after the ceremony.

In the end, kids got original bamboo accessories. Nice, aren’t they?

The water here is very clear and you can see them even when you stand on a rock.

It’s almost like a private beach and so relaxing.

Why don’t you come here to enjoy beautiful beach and art in summer?

Tassha Beach
Tassha, Sado city, Niigata, 952-2135

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